September Loot

Today I received my nendoroid order for September…Initial reaction was YAY! Hell Yes!…almost immediately after however came “OMG, So expensive, and just after vacation!” “Why did they come out earlier than expected?!”

After my initial over-reactions, I was able to calm down enough to unpack my two new beauty’s. The long awaited Princess of the Crystal and Annelotte nendoroid are finally mine! They are even better than they were in the promo shots!

Without any further ado, here they are:


Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Acquired

Hey everybody!

It’s been a while. Recently I got nendoroid #33 Miku Hatsune. I am not a big Miku fan and would have normally never purchased this nendoroid but it was on raffle at a local store! I spent $20 dollars on raffle tickets and won :D. For $20, I’d say this nendoroid was totally worth it!

This nendoroid was recently re-released and can still be found in a lot of online store for $50-$60. Figure Haven still has a few in stock as well. With as much as I promote their site (I can’t help it, its my favorite anime toy store), maybe they should reward me with a free figure ;). Only joking of course, but it would be nice.

As cute as original Miku is, HMO Miku is still the apple of my eye (when it comes to Miku’s at least).

This new miku did have an unintended consequence for my collection…I now need a new tackle box to store nendo parts in. I have at least 3 more nendo’s on the way in fall and possibly more depending on if I give in to this addiction or not. My tackle boxes are overflowing…

Nendoroid Saber Complete File Acquired!

Finally, it arrived! The gigantic orange box that I have been waiting for (cue heavenly music). My first limited edition nendoroid; Saber plain clothes with Complete file!

Yes the nendoroid comes with a Complete file. When I ordered her, I neither knew nor cared what that was. Now that I have it, I know that it is a book that features all of the currently released nendoroids in it! I’m almost more excited about the book than I am about the nendoroid. This nendoroid is pretty awesome but not the cutest nor the best looking nendoroid on my shelf. But she is Saber (and I love Saber).

The book is organized into sections of nendoroid type instead of listing the nendoroids in chronological release order. The first section is vocaloids, then anime characters, game characters, and so on and so forth. The book also contains interviews with industry insiders :D. Sadly, I don’t read Japanese (*cries*). I may not be able to read anything in the book but it is really pretty to look at, and generally awesome.

And here she is, the gal of the hour, Saber nendoroid plain clothes version;

More photos and a review to come soon (yes the dreaded soon, once I finish my other nendoroid reviews)

Ikaros Nendoroid Review

Hmm, once again its been longer than I intended since my last blog update! Today, I’m going to review nendoroid Ikaros! She is actually one of my favorite nendoroids and I highly recommend her. Ikaros is a main character from the show Sora no Otoshimono Forte. I can honestly say that I actually dislike the show, and despite that still love this nendoroid. This is nendoroid number 178 sculpted by Maruhige and produced by Good Smile Company, and originally released on 11-9-2011. I got this nendoroid off of AmiAmi along with Nymph from the same series.

Packaging: Yup, yet another nendoroid box. Its good…Talking about nendoroid boxes is boring so lets move on!

Accessories: This nendoroid comes with a lot of accessories! It has 2 extra faces, 2 extra wing sets, a bow and arrow, a watermelon, an extra neck collar, and extra arms. The wings are really cool, the battle wing set is a translucent blue color. The stand actually took me a while to figure out. It’s a little more complicated that normal nendoroid stands. There is a small plastic piece with two holes in it that the wings get stuck through before they are inserted into the nendoroids back. This plastic piece is then placed on the stand. So it is the wings that actually attach to the nendoroid.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this nendoroid is excellent. She was somewhat unpopular because she has large breasts. For some reason people do not like nendoroids with large breasts, and I used to be one of them. Turns out (boobs or no) the nendoroids are just as cute! Two of my favorite aspects of this nendoroid’s sculpt are the wings and hair. The wings look great and are very detailed. The hair style looks very dynamic and the ribbons twirl around each ponytail in the back. Be warned though, the ponytails fall out easy.The ear muffs (?) do come off and the nendoroid has normal ears underneath.

Paint: Great paint job! You really wouldn’t think that hair could successfully transition from pink to black but it does! The white outfit is shiny kind of like leather or metal armor? But the rest of the nendoroid is nice and matte. The lines are clean as well, no bleeds on the nendoroid.

Pose-ability: Not a super-moveable nendoroid, but many poses can be made with the available accessories. The poses include a fighting pose, her blank look pose, or a normal pose. Personally, the normal pose is my favorite. She looks so sad, but it is so cute.

Overall: I love this nendoroid! Maybe this review is a little biased because of how much I like this nendoroid. At least it is not biased towards the character. I think it speaks highly for the nendoroid that I fell in love with her based on character design and no other preconceptions. Either way, I highly recommend this nendoroid! She looks great on a shelf, despite being a little frustrating to set up.

Elsie Nendoroid Review

Elsea (Elsie, Elucia…) de Lute Irma is one of the main characters from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, aka The World God Only Knows. This is an anime about a boy who plays a lot of dating sims and claims that he is a god of conquest who can conquer any 2-D girls. This leads to mistakenly forming a contract with a demon girl (Elsie) to conquer runaway spirits hiding in real girls. This show is both hilarious and rather cute.

Her nendoroid form was released on 11/24/2011 by Max Factory and is nendoroid # 184.I got this nendoroid from my good friend at Ofuda Imports =).

Box: Typical nendoroid box, nothing special here. There is a small yellow sticker in the bottom left corner on the box.

Sculpt: This nendoroid sculpt is a great representation of the character from the anime. It has captured all of her adorable innocence in a chibi plastic form. I must say there are two things that irk me about the sculpt. Her arms are really very long and her forehead seems huge. Yes nendoroids are supposed to have a huge head, but the hairstyle makes that noggin look even more gigantic! Some nice things about the sculpt include her detailed broom, “motion” arms and legs, and her shawl. Her shawl floats around her in the anime, and the sculptor managed to recreate that anti-gravity effect on the toy.

Paint: The paint on this nendoroid is nearly perfect, there are almost no bleeds and the lines are nice and clean. There’s not much shading or intricate painting on this toy but the design does not call for it. Her hair is pretty much one shade of brown while the dress is one shade of purple. The shawl is a nice almost translucent pink.

Accessories: This nendoroid comes with a normal amount of accessories (for a nendoroid). She comes with three extra faces, some extra arms and legs, her broom, and her spirit catching bottle. The nicest thing about the accessories is definitely the stand! It attaches to a hole in her back but does not have one of those annoying large square bases. I call the square bases annoying because they are not aesthetically pleasing on a shelf or in photographs. This stand instead has a clear M shaped base which sits behind the nendoroid making her look as if she is standing on the ground. Another nice thing is the extra face, many nendoroid only come with one or two extra faces as opposed to three. Also beware of the broom, it is a little difficult to get the broom handle inside her hand. I certainly will be leaving that hand attached to the broom.

Pose-ability: This nendoroid comes with a lot of posing option due to the three extra faces and the wide variety of arm and leg combinations. She has some extremely cute poses that definitely made her worth buying.

Overall: This is a good nendoroid and certainly a must have for fans of the show. I’d give her an 8 out of 10. She does not have the most accessories, nor is she the most impressive nendoroid on the shelf but she just might be one of the cutest and she does have some poses that make her hilarious. She might also be a must have nendoroid for a certain facial expression that she comes with! This face!!!!

Pre-Orders and upcoming goods!

Good Smile Company, otherwise known as evil wallet emptying company, has announced more new nendoroids…This wouldn’t be a problem if the designs and quality of the new nendoroids weren’t so awesome. There were only a few of the older ones that I was ever interested in, but now I want most of the upcoming ones. One lesson that I’ve learned is that I should not be left alone at the computer with my credit card. I’ve already pre-ordered three new nendoroids, yikes!

I simply could not resist the Saber full action plain clothes version (which is both limited and exclusive). I have a weakness for Saber, and now that I will have two of her nendoroids, I’m tempted to buy the rest as well =(

I also pre-ordered the Princess of the Crystal from Penguindrum. I only watched about half the series, but what I saw of it was interesting, and the nendoroid comes with penguins! Last but not least, I pre-ordered the Annelotte nendoroid from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. Queen’s Blade is one of my favorite anime shows (What? I like it for the plot…), so I figured that I should finally buy a nendoroid from it (there are many, but maybe that’s a subject for another blog post).

Other than that, GSC has announced approximately 30 new nendoroids to be released from now until October! That is a ridiculous amount to choose from, especially since there are still older ones that I haven’t bought yet =s.

Some of these seem pretty popular on the forums but I’m not familiar with the shows such as Takatsuki from Waiting in the Summer, Super Sonico, Ika Musume, Kuoryukihime from Accel World, and Sakura from Sakura Wars. These nendoroids are very eye-catching, but I’m not particularly interested in any of them.

No upcoming nendoroid list would be complete without Vocaloids. GSC has announced a new Miku Racequeen for 2012, a very boring looking Miku Familymart version, and the adorable Gakupo. I probably wont pick up any of these, but that Gakupo sure is tempting and male nendoroids are so rare.

The upcoming nendoroids that really caught my eye are Inori from Guilty Crown (possibly one of the prettiest nendoroids I’ve ever seen), Black Rock Shooter tv version, the prototype of Fate/Zero Saber (this might be a must have), and the prototype of Marika from Mouretsu Pirates. I can’t wait to see those prototypes colored ( I’d be surprised if they saw a 2012 release date though).

The number one nendoroid that I must have, however, is the Annelotte 2P version from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. I was watching the show and thought “wow it would be awesome if GSC made a nendoroid of Annelotte in her demon form”. Lo and behold, the very next day she was announced (I felt rather psychic). Tragically, she is limited and exclusive, and only available through lottery… this means buying her is going to be nearly impossible. Time to stalk used Japanese toy stores such as Mandarake.

So anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of awesome nendoroids coming out soon? Anyone else having trouble picking and choosing? Which ones are you most looking forward to?

Yune Nendoroid Acquired!

She has finally arrived! My precious Yune nendoroid from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee.

This nendoroid is just dripping with cuteness! I had actually pre-ordered this from AmiAmi a while back and ended up cancelling the pre-order. The character is adorable in the anime and I really wanted her as a nendoroid until I saw the promo shots. The promo shots made this nendo look incredibly strange and somehow off. After seeing user pics of the Yune, however, I immediately regretted cancelling the order. Luckily FigureHaven got some in stock!

The problem with collecting is that once a I accumulate a large amount of the item I get rather disenchanted. I still love nendoroids, but the recent ones just haven’t held the same magic that the first 5 or 6 did. Yune has rekindled that magic! This nendoroid, despite hating the promo shots, is now my all time favorite!