C.C. by Banpresto Review

C.C. (C2) is a character from the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. She is an immortal teenage girl who becomes the main characters accomplice through a contract. This contract gives him the power to control anyone. Another notable feature of this character is that she loves pizza!

I bought this toy at Akon 21 for $20. This is a figure of the C.C. Code Geass R2 A Version produced by Banpresto and released on 12/2008. This is probably one of the best buys I made at A-kon because it was one of the cheapest buys.

Box: The box of this figure is fairly small, black, has a picture of the figure on the front and some japanese writing on it. The box also has a rubber band hook at the top. This figure was originally available as a prize from a machine so that may be the reason for the rubber hook. The box is also much smaller than the figure, because she comes in pieces and has to be stuck together (no glue required =P).

Base: Just a nice plain circular black base (my favorite kind)

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is pretty good considering it only cost $20. There are a bunch of obvious seamlines in the hair, and where the figure gets put together on the legs. The hands look really delicate, and the toy has really nice proportions. The toy is also fairly large for being so cheap and fits well on the shelf with all my other 1/8th scale figures.

Paint: Well, once again, considering that it was cheap the paint job is decent!. Her face is a little shinier than I prefer, but there are almost no bleeds, The lines on the skirt could have been done better but for $20 it’s great.

Pose: The pose looks really unnatural (Why would anyone stand like that?) but matches the character perfectly. The pose is also very dynamic, and definitely not boring.

Overall, I would recommend this figure for its cheap price and decent quality.


Ciel Komadori Static Arts Review

Ciel Phantomhive is the 12 year old head of the Phuntom toy company and the Queen’s watchdog in the anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). At one point he dresses in drag to try and catch a “Jack the Ripper” suspect who has a thing for young girls.

I got this toy at a local anime shop for $130 back in October. This toy is produced by Square Enix and is the Static Arts Ciel Komadori. This toy was originally released in 10/2010.

When I first bought this toy, there was a factory defect on it! The pink skirt was not attached to the white one. The nice store owner opened the box for me, and was able to get the two skirt parts to attach with some care and muscle. I did not get any pics of this though! The skirt was really difficult to reattach, and I thought it was going to break in the process! Square Enix, you and your quality control!

Packaging: The box for this toy is really pretty! It looks like a cake box! Its got viewing windows on three sides and the top, and has a Kuroshitsuji pattern on it.

Base: The base is clear! This is because the figure it detailed on well, all sides. The base had a peg in it that attaches to the bottom of the skirt! However, in a lot of the toys the peg is too large to fit into the whole, and he floats on his base! This problem is easily fixed by using a razor or exacto knife to shave off some of the plastic till its the right size.

Sculpt: This toy has the most beautiful sculpt! His hair is long and flowing, the dress looks exactly as it does in the anime, and the lace on the skirt looks real! he also comes with an extra loose shoe, the laces on this are very fragile! Not only is the top of the toy very detailed, but the bottom is too! He is wearing bloomers and the bottom of the dress has realistic folds in it.

Paint: The paint is not perfect! His hair and eye have some really good toning and shading, however the lines on the dress are not clean and straight. The lace is a clear plastic with a light white paint over it. The pink part of the dress is a little dull, but still looks lovely.

Pose: The pose is absolutely lovely. He looks vulnerable and is lying down attempting to put on his shoes for his ballgown.

Overall, this toy is beautiful! I would recommend this toy any Black Butler fan! My only real annoyance with it, is that it is rather small for the price =(

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Review

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck is the former Tres (#3) Espada in the anime Bleach. She has two forms; a small childlike from called Nel Tu and her original adult female form Neliel. Neliel, even as an Espada, is a pacifist and only like to fight in defense of those she loves.

I got this toy at Akon 21 for $80. This is the Neliel tu Odelschwanck Bleach figure by Alpha X Omega, and the sculptor is Mirano. This toy was released in 02/2010.

Packaging: The box is nice and large, and has a very large front viewing window! There are pictures of the toy on the back of the box

Base: The base is a large turquoise oval. It says Bleach on it and has a pattern in it. She attaches to the base by foot pegs. I do not like this base because the color doesn’t match her. Her hair is blue and her outfit is green, the base clashes with both.

Sculpt: This toy is 1/8 scale and is rather large. She comes with her sword, which is removable from the hand. The sculpt looks excellent, her hair looks dynamic is if it were flowing in the wind, and her outfit (for what little there is of it) has rather detailed rips. She looks like her anime counterpart, and is very in proportion to what is seen in the anime. Her outfit is a bit skimpier than in the show, which only adds to the appeal of the figure.

Paint: There isn’t much to be painted on this figure. They got the colors on her hair and outfit to match the show perfectly, and her mask is painted nicely also. There are no bleeds and is no dirt on the paint. The shading on her body is also really good, and she even has painted finger and toe nails. Her face also looks excellent, the expression is perfect for her. The large three painted on her back is also painted perfectly.

Pose: Her pose seems relaxed but dangerous, like shes about to attack if you make the wrong move. This is a good pose for her and matches her personality well. The one thing i dislike about the pose is that her back is very arched, shes practically leaning back.

Overall, I would recommend this figure to anyone who collect Bleach toys or curvy female toys. I bought her for my Bleach collection =P

Elwing (Elwyn) Review

Elwing (Elwyn being the english name) is a character in the games Shining wind and Shining tears, and appears in the anime Shining Tears X Wind. I have never played the games nor seen the anime, so the only thing I know about her is that she is a princess.

I saw this toy at Hastings a few years ago and had to have her because she’s so pretty! I got her for Christmas back in 2008! This toy is produced by Kotobukiya and the sculptor is Nakamura Hirotoshi. This was originally released 06/2008 and then re-released in 12/2008.

Packaging: The box is basically a large rectangle. It has both a large front and small side viewing windows. The box is white and green and matches the theme of the character and has artwork of the character on it. Its a nice box, good for displaying or just keeping for storage. The plastic stuck under her clothes and around her to keep her safe was difficult to remove! In the process of removing it, I somehow managed to put a black mark on her leg =( and still couldn’t get it all.

Base: Her base is a dark green circle, it matches her nicely and isn’t too distracting (usually I prefer black, white, or clear bases).

Sculpt: The sculpt on this figure is breathtaking. She is just so pretty! There are some very detailed areas, such as the leaves on her outfit, the wings on her head, and her hair. The hair has nice a pointy ends and doesn’t look too thick or chunky. My favorite part of the sculpt is that her mouth is open and has teeth in it! It looks great! She also comes with a bow that has a wire has the string. This bow is loose and can be placed into her hands.

Paint: The paint on this toy is excellent. It all has a nice matte finish. There are no bleeds, and the shading on her hair looks great. She also has a nice skin tone and her eyes and face look beautiful. Sadly, as mentioned above, I put a black mark on her leg =(.

Pose: The pose is excellent! It seems to match the artwork of her perfectly. The way she is standing and leaning forward slightly almost makes her look very carefree and innocent. Her hair also looks like its flowing as if she just moved.

Overall, I’d give this figure a 10/10. This is one of my best looking figures and I would recommend even to people who know nothing about the series (like me).