New Loot! I’m Back!

School’s Out Forever!!! Yes, that’s right! Tomorrow I walk the line for my Master’s Degree. You know what that means (yes, yes  that I have a Masters), it means time to blog! Finally, I will have time to blog! Feel free to clap and welcome me back with lots of fanfare! (no? ok)

First order of business, in these past few months of hiatus for school I have acquired several new toys! One Tomoe Mami nendoroid, One sega prize Haqua (from the World God Only Knows), and two nendoroid petites (Homura and Sayaka). I also have a Yune nendoroid coming in the mail.

As far as things to look forward to, I will be reviewing all my new toys over the next few weeks (including the older ones that I never reviewed). These reviews will include nendoroids Elsie, Mami, Ikaros, Nymph, and Yune. I will also review the sega Haqua, the revoltech Wall-E, and possibly some of my friend’s Play Arts that I do not own. =) I will also be doing many nendoroid photo-shoots!



Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

So today when I got home from work I had two surprises waiting for me that my boyfriend left me =)

These pretty roses on my dining room table! and

Monster High Ghoulia and chocolates on my bed! =)

My two monster high dolls, ghoulia and frankie stein together.

My toys were also feeling in the spirit of the holiday:

Hope everyone has a fun-filled safe holiday!