Play Arts Rinoa Heartilly Review

Rinoa Heartilly is the main heroine from Final Fantasy VIII and the love interest of Squall, the protagonist. FF8 was not one of my favorite games, but the character designs were great.

I got this toy at a local anime store for $30, and was rather surprised to see it there. The store buys and sells used toys, but this Rinoa was still new in box. Even though, the box had seen better days, I still decided to go for it. She was produced by Square Enix, and was originally released in 04/2006.

Box: Well typical Play Arts box, mine is no longer in good condition. This box has the Final Fantasy VIII logo on the front. The box has normal tape instead of circular tape which is normal for the FF8 line.

Accessories: Wow, well she comes with two extra hands and a stand. Yup, that’s it. Just some hands and a stand.The stand is the black old style doll stand that Play Arts came with. It has square enix copyright on it, which is an indication that the toy is legitimate. Only Tifa was this pathetic in accessories. I can’t really think of anything else that she could have come with, but I’m sure there must have been something…

Sculpt: Overall, She looks great! There is really nice texture on her knit coat, and her shiny skirt. The metal necklace  and black ribbon on her arm are also very nice touches. The ribbon is very detailed, but the rest of the sculpt is pretty plain. It’s a simple character design and I feel that the sculpt stays true to it. The arm joints do not look great, but the knees and ankles look pretty good. The only minor complaint that I have is that the inside of her coat is smooth and doesn’t have the knit texture of the outside. It’s a tiny detail though.

Paint: The paint job on this toy is decent. It’s not perfect, but it’s not horrible either. The wings on her blue coat are a nice touch, and the skirt has lovely shading in it. However, the paint lines are not perfect. Bleeds in the paint always annoy me, but they are very small on this figure. There is some dirt on her face, which is irritating since the figure is new in box(I might be able to get it off, but I haven’t tried yet). So the paint job looks pretty good, but her face…Her face is one of Play Arts worst, even worse than my factory defect Lightning and her wonky lips. This Rinoa is anything but pretty when it comes to her face, which is  a shame because I usually adore Play Arts eyes and faces.

Pose-ability: She is fairly pose-able for an older Play Arts. Her ankles bend. Her head moves. Her arms have quite a large range of motion because they bend at the elbow and twist just above the elbow. Her knees also bend; despite the amount of clothing she is wearing, they seem to bend more than Tifa’s knees did. She is actually really fun to pose.

Overall: Probably a 7 out of 10, because of her face. What can I say, I really like faces! However, I definitely recommend her for any FF8 fan, she makes a great addition to the final fantasy collection. She’s fun to play with, looks really good overall (ignoring the face), and looks good on the shelf next to Squall.


Early August Loot!

So today I went on a 4 hour excursion to the big city, mainly in the hopes of finding Play Arts Kai dissidia Cloud and Squall there. No such luck…I however did find the basic line Draculaura Monster High doll that I’ve been looking for. I was so happy they had her in stock (she is sold out locally).

The big surprise of the day, however, was finding the Play Arts Rinoa from FF8. This is an older toy so I thought I would have to order her off the internet eventually, but there she was sitting in the anime shop in the used toy section. She is even still in her box, though this box has definitely seen better days. For $30, I just couldn’t pass her up.

All in all, I may not have found what I was looking for, but did find something that I wasn’t expecting. I also saw that Borders bookstore is going out of business… I suppose this is old news, but I was shocked. I much prefer Borders over the Barnes and Noble we have locally. RIP Borders, you were a great bookstore with a pleasantly large manga section.

Here’s the loot:

Halloweentown Sora Play Arts Review

Well, It has been quite a while since my last review! To make up for it, I will be reviewing several figures within the next week =)

Sora is the main protagonist in the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts video game series! I have the game but have never finished it because I find it ridiculously difficult. Since I already had a Play Arts Riku, I thought I should get a Sora as well. Luckily for me, Hastings had the Halloweentown Sora for $20. This toy was originally released in 04/2009.

Packaging: Sora comes in a typical Play Arts box. My favorite aspect of play arts boxes is that the toy is easy to put back inside for moving or selling purposes. One thing to watch out for on Play Arts boxes is that Play Arts have circular stickers closing the lid instead of normal tape (if it has normal tape, its probably a bootleg). Bootleg play arts boxes also have caution warning on the bottom front of the box, the real ones have the warning on the lip that sticks up from the box. The reason I mention this is because the Kingdom Hearts line is heavily bootlegged!

Accessories: Sora is sorely lacking in the accessories department. The only two things he comes with is a Play Arts stand which he doesnt need on account of his large feet, and the halloweentown keyblade. In my opinion, this is the best looking keyblade from the game and looks great as a toy as well. It has Jack Skellingtons head on the guard, and a pumpkin hanging off the chain. The pumpkin could have been painted better.


Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy looks great! He looks exactly like his video game counter-part. A few small details that bother me are that his wings look a little crooked, one of the arms seems to be attached poorly and the crotch area looks a little odd.

Paint: The paint job seems a bit dingy. I think that is intentional to match the Halloween theme. The shadowing on his face looks very appropriate but his shoulder armor looks a little odd. There are no bleeds in the paint, and his vampire teeth are painted on evenly. My favorite part of the paint job is his eye, they are so blue that they almost seem to glow. The eyes on the pumpkin mask are also very well done.

Pose-ability: He is not extremely pose-able. His legs bend at the crotch and at the knees, his elbows bend as well but the movement in his shoulder is hindered by the outfit. The ankles have a lot of movement in them to allow for action poses, but his knees didn’t seem to sturdy so I didn’t try any.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this toy! (especially since he was only $20) I am not a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts but this is a really neat looking toy, especially if anyone wants a Halloween themed toy. He looks great next to the KH Riku, but I don’t remember Sora being that short?



Play Arts Jack Skellington Review

Ah the Nightmare before Christmas, as a child I must have watched that movie every year between the holidays. Not much has changed…I still watch it once a year! I miss the days when Tim Burton movies still felt magical and original, now they seem much to formulaic (like my reviews). I think its safe to assume that most people have an idea of who Jack Skellington is, so I will just skip ahead to the review.

I got Jack for Christmas 2010. He is a Play Arts figure, was produced by Square Enix, and is play arts vol 3 in the Kingdom Hearts II line. He was originally released 10/2010.

Packaging: Good ol’ Jack comes in a terrifying box… Ok, it’s just an ordinary Play Arts box. Play arts boxes are nice, and convenient to repack the toys in so no complaints here.

Accessories: Hmm well he comes with his ghostly companion, zero! He also comes with two extra facial expressions (which is unusual for the play arts line). He does not come with much else, well, he comes with the old style play arts stand. This stand is definitely needed because he does not stand on his own!

Sculpt. The sculpt is fantastic. He is super thin, tall, and lanky. He very much looks like his on-screen counterpart. HIs bow tie, coat tails, and bony fingers seem a little fragile. His feet are tiny! and I mean really tiny! I don’t recall if they were that tiny in the movie. His dog zero also has a superb sculpt. He almost looks alive! The texture on zero is incredibly detailed, its like he is actually made out of burlap sack.

Paint: The paint is high quality as is expected of the Play arts line (so why does the play arts kai line have so many mistakes?). Jack’s suit is painted with thin white lines that are raised. There are no bleeds anywhere on the figure. Zero is just white but his pumpkin nose is also painted perfectly.

Pose-ability: Jack is not very pose-able! his arms and legs bend, yup that’s about it. Due to his lanky nature and tiny feet, there are many poses he can take. The expressions are extremely difficult to exchange! When pulling of the heads, the neck is very thin and can snap! I put a crack in Jack’s neck before I even realized it. The important thing is to pull the head straight up, or push it straight down. don’t try to wiggle it  or put any sideways pressure on the neck! Zero’s head moves, that’s about it.

Overall: This is a great toy for any Nightmare before Christmas fan, but maybe not so much for a general fan of Kingdom Hearts. I do not have the revoltech Jack so I can’t compare them, but this Jack is definitely the best looking one i’ve seen on the market. I highly recommend this for collectors and fans of the series, but not for children who simply like the movie. That neck is way to fragile!

Play Arts Reno Review

Reno is one of the Turks (a group of Shinra covert operatives) from Final Fantasy VII and FF7 Advent Children. During FF7 he is an enemy to Cloud and the main group, however in Advent Children, he aids Cloud in his fights. He is a cocky, cynical, somewhat lazy, and at times just goofy character.

I got this Play Arts figure for free! Yes for free, because his head was detached, luckily with some effort, the shop owner was able to pop it back in for me. It’s not super sturdy, but it stays if I don’t move it around much, and I don’t want to glue it.

and without further ado: this is the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts Reno. It was released in 10/2007 and was manufactured by Square Enix.

Packaging: Well I didn’t take any pics of the box, was too lazy to dig it out of the storage. Its just the typical Play Arts box. Flat black in color, with circle tape! Also, the font that says final fantasy : advent children (or something similar to that) is in small silver letters, and the viewing window is rectangular with nothing blocking it. If the font is big and the carboard that the font is on blocks part of the viewing window, then its probably a bootleg (for better visualization of a bootleg AC box look at my vincent review). I may still post box pics in the future.

Accessories: He comes with a typical Play Arts stand, a bunch of extra hands, most of which can hold his weapon, and his weapon (the baton). The baton has the same type of weapon grip style as the kingdom hearts toys. There is a hole in the handle of the weapon through which the peg on the hand is inserted. I prefer the hands that simply wrap around weapons.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is excellent! His hair is great and not too chunky! It is also made of a soft plastic so it was a little bit of give. His jacket is likewise made of a soft plastic. The only bothersome parts of the sculpt are that there is a gap where his arm connects to the jacket body… Also the gap where his head had to be force back on (I assume most wont have this particular problem). Some of the joints, like the one in his torso, look a bit awkward, but that is to be expected of Play Arts.

Paint: The paint on this toy is typical for Play Arts. High quality, great face, but a few flaws here and there. There are no paint smudges or bleeds on the figure at all, but there does seem to be some staining on his shirt. His shirt is stained slightly yellow, could it be from the jacket rubbing against it for so long?

Poseability: Ok this Play Arts is seems alot more flexible than my other final fantasy ones (not including the Play Arts Kai line). Don’t get me wrong, he CANT be place into any pose imagineable, but compared to say Sephiroth or Cloud, he has a wider range of movement.

Overall: This is a really nice figure for big fans of FF7 (which I am), fans of Reno, or people who can’t rest until they own all the figures in a set (sometimes I fall in this category also). However, for those who dont fit into the above three categories, I’d say pass.

Cloud and Hardy Daytona Play Arts Review!

Cloud is the main protagonist from Final Fantasy VII. Towards the beginning of the game he rode a motorbike called the Hardy Daytona to escape from Shinra.

I got this Play Arts for my birthday this year! It is the Play Arts n.0 Cloud and Hardy Daytona produced by Square Enix and originally released in 04/2008.This review will mostly be about the Hardy Daytona, since the Cloud is very similar to the regular Play Arts Cloud.

Box: This is a huge box, but other than that has all the typical features of a Play Arts box, like circle tape.

Accessories: Well the box has a Cloud, the Hardy Daytona, a normal play arts stand for the cloud, his buster sword, the same hands as regular cloud, and an extra set of hands to hold on to the bikes handle bars. There are more accessories than usual, but I can’t seem to get the bike handle hands to actually hold on to the bike! am I doing something wrong?

Sculpt: The bike is absolutely awesome! It is very detailed in every aspect of the sculpt, has working shocks, a kick stand (that folds) to help it stand up, and turning tires. The tires are made of a soft rubber which makes them realistic and even have tread marks. The bike handles themselves do not turn very much!

Paint: The paint job on this bike is fantastic. There are no bleeds in the paint.

Pose-ability: Well the bike can either be posed by itself using the kickstand, or with Cloud on it. Here I should mention that this Cloud is alot more flexible than the original Cloud because his legs spread wider to allow him to sit on the bike. As mentioned above, the handle bars dont turn much.

Cloud Comparison: The Cloud’s are supposed to be pretty much the same but they look slightly different.The bodies of the two Clouds looks identical, the difference is in the heads. Hd (hardy daytona) Cloud has taller and yellower spiky hair than normal Cloud. Hd Cloud also has paler skin and a slightly different face paint! Hd Cloud is on the left, and regular Cloud is on the right.

Overall: This is a must have for any FF7 fan. I would recommend getting this Cloud and Hardy Daytona over just getting the regular Play Arts Cloud. This one is more fun to play with, more handsome, and looks awesome on a shelf. The only bad thing about this figure is that Cloud doesn’t fit onto the bike perfectly. His hands cant hold the handle bars easily and his feet don’t seem to fit into the foot peddles.

Play Arts Edward Elric Review

Edward Elric is the Full Metal Alchemist in an anime called, well, Full Metal Alchemist. He is the youngest state certified alchemist, has a short-complex, quite a temper, and a robotic arm and leg. He and his brother go on a quest to find the philosophers stone which they need to get their bodies back to normal.

This review is about the Play Arts vol 1. Full Metal Alchemist Edward Elric, NOT the Play Arts Kai Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Edward. This toy was released back in 2004 and bootlegs of this toy do exist. This toy is very different from all the other Play Arts toys.

Sculpt: This Ed is a shrimp, no I’m not joking, he really is short! This toy is much smaller than any of the other Play Arts but is in scale with the other two figures in this particular line. The sculpt is decent, the shape of his hair is correct, but it is flat and has absolutely no detail like a lot of the later Play Arts do. His outfit is spot on, and his robotic arm actually looks fairly detailed compared to the rest of the figure.

Paint: Well its anything but perfect. There is some red bleed from the coat onto the rest of his outfit. His face, while painted perfectly just doesn’t really get his personality across. The hair and outfit also have almost no shading on them. My biggest problem with the paint job is that the coat doesn’t have the correct alchemy symbol on the back, the top part of the symbol is just missing…

Packaging: the box for this toy is much smaller than the typical Play Arts box, but still has a large front viewing window.

Accessories: This toy comes with a bunch of extras! his red coat can be removed, so he comes with extra black sleeved arms, a robotic arm with a knife attachment, gloved hands in several positions, robotic hands in several positions, and his spear from the first episode. He does not come with a stand, which is fine since he stands well on his own. He also does not come with a hand to hold the spear, wth?

Pose-ability: This is where the toy really shines! He can be posed in almost any manner! His legs and arms are very flexible, and the joints are pretty loose, but not so loose that he doesn’t hold the pose. None of the other Play Arts can compare in pose-ability to this one.

Overall, this is a great toy for anyone who likes Edward Elric or older style toys. It definitely does not have the level of detail that the newer toys do or the level of detail of Play Arts Kai Ed (which I don’t own, so I can’t give a suggestion). It is however cheaper than the Play Art Kai Ed, Play Arts Kai toys are typically $40-45 whereas Play Arts toys are usually around $25-30. Out of all the Play Arts toys, this one is one of the most fun to play with because of all the posing possibilities! I would not recommend this for small children!