Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This year, I’ve been a naughty blogger. I blogged infrequently despite getting new toys, and really dropped the ball as far as keeping up with reviews goes. I probably deserve a lump of coal, or the anime toy equivalent; a bootleg!

Maybe I will wake up to find Sader in my stocking…



But I really do promise to do better this next year, so here is my Christmas wishlist:

Sebastian private tutor TaeYang doll


The Amazing Spider Man Nendoroid


Play Arts Kai Cloud (seriously Santa, I’ve been wanting this since it came out July of 2011!)


Queen’s Blade Annelotte Dark Knight version nendoroid (like that will ever happen lol)


Of course, there are a ton of great figures coming out in 2013, which makes me so glad the apocalypse didn’t happen 😉 I can imagine that next years letter to Santa will be a lot longer. As far as the goodies coming out, I will be discussing them in a new post soon!

I don’t think that Santa will bring me any toys this year since I’ve been naughty, but at least my Saber Lion nendoroid just came in the mail.

So what are you all wishing for Christmas this year?



Los Angeles Vacation Loot

I just recently returned from a fantastic week long vacation in beautiful Los Angeles. While there, I stayed in Santa Monica, visited downtown LA and little tokyo, went to Disneyland, and of course visited some anime stores!

In Santa Monica I had the opportunity to visit Ofuda Imports! They are a strictly online store but I was able to visit their business and see their stock. I have to say they have some exciting things that they have yet to put on their website! They have a lot of anime merchandise including pencil cases, stationary, cell phone straps, and keychains. They also have a lot of trading figures, nendoroids, chibi-arts, and scaled figures! While there, I was able to purchase the Saber maid petite nendoroid. All of the items are one hundred percent legitimate. While I have my preferred sites to order from, they do have a lot of older figures and figures that are now hard to find! So keep an eye out on the website!

I also ran across a figure store called Anime Jungle while in downtown LA. They had a ton of figures! I think the last time I saw that many figures was at A-kon (the Dallas anime convention) a few years ago. It made me wish that I had so much more money. All the beautiful figures I had to leave behind makes me want to cry a little! The most surprising find was that they carried Queen’s Blade nendoroids and some of the limited color variants. I wanted them all but chose the Cattleya 2p color variant. They also had the Play Arts kai Cloud and Squall that I missed out on…but alas, there was only enough money to buy one figure. If you are in LA looking for figure shop, definitely check out Anime Jungles store front in little tokyo!

I also had some delicious food! I had ramen noodles in little tokyo from the same place that was featured in a Man vs Food episode! I didn’t eat the spicy stuff though. My big food recommendation for Santa Monica is the Sushi King! Its a little sushi bar that has been owned and operated by the same Japanese guy for thirty years. It was the first time that I ever tried the market price items at a sushi bar. I must say toro (fatty tuna) lives up to the hype! It was delicious. I also tried Spanish mackerel sushi which I highly recommend. The most expensive item that I tried was fresh sea urchin sushi! Sea urchin literally melts in your mouth, and I mean liquifies!

I also bought my first Japanese doll at a store called Puzzle Zoo at the 3rd street promenade of Santa Monica. I bought a little pullip doll! I was really surprised to find that the store carried some pullips and some tayeng dolls despite being  a regular toy store. All in all it was a pretty magical vacation with more loot than I’ve gotten in a while.



Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

The best valentines day surprises are the ones that are just that…surprises! Valentines day doesn’t have to be expensive, its just about showing you care =)I came home from class to find these teddy bears and a rose in my room =)

Valentines Day is also known as Final Fantasy couples, at least on this blog =P

Re-organizing blog?

Hey everyone, It’s been a while since my last real post about anime toys. I really needed a break from blogging so that I don’t burn out. The best blogs are the ones that the writer enjoyed writing =), and I simply haven’t felt like writing.

I also think that I should remove the monster high content, and put it on a separate blog, Monster high collecting is taking up a lot of my interest lately. But I created this blog for anime toys and my love of anime toys. I don’t think it is fair to my readers to spam this blog with MH content. So I would like to hear from my subscribers, should this blog be more exclusive to anime toys?

EDIT: Well I went ahead and decided to get rid of the Monster High related posts, this blog needs a breath of fresh air! I have also given the blog a slight make over =)

Happy New Year! 2012!

2011 has come and gone! It has been an eventful year, and hopefully 2012 will be even better! The best toys I bought in 2011? probably any of the Monster High dolls, and either the Oreimo nendoroids or the Madoka nendoroid. Sadly, I did not buy any 1/8 or 1/6 scale figures, they are simply too expensive. Best anime I saw in 2011? probably Madoka Magika or Oreimo. The figures I regret not buying in 2011? G.E.M Lelouch, GSC Triela, and AxO Tia Harribel. I did not accomplish many of my new years resolutions in 2011, hopefully this year I will follow them!

New Year’s Resolutions 2012:

1. Reign in my Collection! – How should I accomplish this? I’m thinking of selling of all trading figures with the exception of the nendoroid petites! I just can’t seem to let go  of the bigger ones and the play arts to make room for new ones =(

2 De-clutter – Once again a problem. Maybe I could rotate which toys I display every few months? Then I feel bad about not displaying all of them though.

3. Do not buy every Monster High doll that releases!  I used to be very picky about the Monster High Dolls that I bought, but now a days, I just crave them all.

4. Buy only 12 nendoroids, the entire year. This may sound like a lot of nendoroids but with GSC releasing 10-20 a month, picking only one a month or 12 for the whole year will be difficult.

5. Blog more

6. Dust my toys more often…that is a daunting task…

7. Create Monster High Custom dolls – already have ideas for a steampunk set or a set of anime characters.

8. The typical non toy-collecting related resolutions such as get in shape, get a job, study more…

So, what are your new years resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Loot 2011

It seems that during the semester when I’m busy, I would love nothing more than to blog. But now that I have free time, getting around to blogging takes a while.

Here is my Christmas loot! Did I get everything I wanted from my wishlist? not even close! Did I want and love everything I got? Heck yes! So I received nendoroid Ikaros, nendo Nymph, revoltech Wall-E, Create-a-Monster Monster High bee girl, skeleton girl, triclops, and dragon/werewolf pack. Did I get things other than toys for Christmas? Of course! but they are not relevant to this blog.

Funny story about the nendoroids Ikaros and Nymph. I had pre-ordered these lovelies back in the summer when they first were available for pre-order. I waited for them for a very long time, through a stressful semester, and the nendoroids release being delayed a month. When they finally shipped to my parents house (I never ship to mine because I don’t trust my mail man), my parents took the toys hostage! They decided to give me my own order for Christmas! Lol. Sweet thought since they did not know what to get me. Now I have the money to order two more nendoroids that I would not have ordered otherwise.

I also got a Steiff penguin stuffed animal, but forgot to take a picture of it.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Remember Christmas is not the time to stress or about presents, its about spending time with family, relaxing, and being joyful. Though family can sometimes make that difficult =).

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Christmas!

If you are not in the Holiday mood yet, here are my ten favorite Christmas movies, with number one being the best: =)

1. A Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart version

2. Miracle on 34th Street – 1947 version

3. The Santa Clause

4. White Christmas

5. Borrowed Hearts

6. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

7. Home Alone

8. A Christmas Story

9. Scrooged

10. The Polar Express

Merry Christmas Everyone!