New Loot! I’m Back!

School’s Out Forever!!! Yes, that’s right! Tomorrow I walk the line for my Master’s Degree. You know what that means (yes, yes  that I have a Masters), it means time to blog! Finally, I will have time to blog! Feel free to clap and welcome me back with lots of fanfare! (no? ok)

First order of business, in these past few months of hiatus for school I have acquired several new toys! One Tomoe Mami nendoroid, One sega prize Haqua (from the World God Only Knows), and two nendoroid petites (Homura and Sayaka). I also have a Yune nendoroid coming in the mail.

As far as things to look forward to, I will be reviewing all my new toys over the next few weeks (including the older ones that I never reviewed). These reviews will include nendoroids Elsie, Mami, Ikaros, Nymph, and Yune. I will also review the sega Haqua, the revoltech Wall-E, and possibly some of my friend’s Play Arts that I do not own. =) I will also be doing many nendoroid photo-shoots!



New Room and toy set-up

Last weekend, I decided that I could no longer stand the cluttered look of my room. So I spent 4 hours rearranging all the furniture and the toys. Here are the results:

Before: (Corner by the window)

After: (Corner by the window)

The rest of the improved room:

Toy Shelves:

FFVII Collection:

Completed Models shelf:

Black Butler Shelf:

The Black Butler nendoroids got moved to the nendoroid shelf.

Bleach Shelf:

The Bleach toynami and trading figures got moved to the odds and ends shelf, they made the Bleach shelf look too busy.

Odds and Ends shelf:

I’m going to sell most of my story image Kenshin figures, with the exception of Kenshin himself who is still displayed.

Petite nendoroid shelf:

Kingdom Hearts and FF13 shelf:

Final Fantasy 8 & 10 shelf:

Nendoroid shelf:

This nendoroid shelf has reached critical mass! I have 6 more pre-ordered nendoroids on the way between now and January, and no place to put them. I really want to get a shelf just for nendoroids but have also run out of free wall space in my room. What a dilemma…

Kinoshita Hideyoshi nendoroid acquired!

My MCAT has come and gone, and soon summer break will be over =(. But on completion of my MCAT, I finally received the Kinoshita Hideyoshi nendoroid! He is really cute! I was also going to buy Monster High Draculaura and Play Arts Kai Dissidia Cloud and Squall to make it an after MCAT loot. Sadly, Draculaura was sold out everywhere, and none of the local places ordered either of the Play Arts Kai dissidia figures.

My nendoroid collection has grown rather large, and with at least three more pre-orders on the way before the year ends, I definitely need a new shelf! A shelf just for nendoroids would be great, but I haven’t found one I like yet. So for now they will just have to be squished into one area of my Detolf display.

My Toy Collection- American Toys

Well, I do apologize for the lack in new reviews lately! I haven’t bought any new toys, but not to worry, I’ve got three new Play Arts reviews planned for the near future =D

I was going to buy some new toys last weekend, but when I got to the shops, the nendoroids Mio and HMO Miku, and the play arts mickey mouse I had been interested in were sold out =( but that’s ok there are alot of new figures coming out this year that are must haves! In the mean time I thought I would show off my american toy collection!

I do prefer japanese figures over american ones for two reasons (other than subject matter): american toys tend to have really obvious seam lines and bad paint jobs. Take NECA toys for example, they tend to be hit or miss; the bioshock line is a hit but the twilight line looks horrible!

Speaking of NECA, here is my Army of Darkness Ash:

Here are my Harry Potter figures by NECA:

I still want to get the Snape in this line! For some reason all the Harry Potters look bad, not that Draco’s face looks great =S

I also have some WOW (World of Warcraft) toys:

I do not play WOW, but these looked great! Be warned though, they are leaners!

And last but not least, my Mcfarlane’s Elizabeth Bathory:

Warning, this toy is gory!

I love historical figures (whether accurate or not), and hope to get the Vlad the impaler someday! It would be neat if Mcfarlane made another line of Faces of Madness (which is what this toy is from).

Nendoroid Collection and Photoshoot 2

Warning this post is very picture heavy!

All of my lovelies:

Just the girls:

Just the boys:

Death Note Petites:

Fate Stay/Night Petites:

Vocaloid Petites:

Fun/random: Starring Nendoroids Arawn, Saber Lily, Dead Master, BRS, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, and Takara Miyuki.