Pre-Orders and upcoming goods!

Good Smile Company, otherwise known as evil wallet emptying company, has announced more new nendoroids…This wouldn’t be a problem if the designs and quality of the new nendoroids weren’t so awesome. There were only a few of the older ones that I was ever interested in, but now I want most of the upcoming ones. One lesson that I’ve learned is that I should not be left alone at the computer with my credit card. I’ve already pre-ordered three new nendoroids, yikes!

I simply could not resist the Saber full action plain clothes version (which is both limited and exclusive). I have a weakness for Saber, and now that I will have two of her nendoroids, I’m tempted to buy the rest as well =(

I also pre-ordered the Princess of the Crystal from Penguindrum. I only watched about half the series, but what I saw of it was interesting, and the nendoroid comes with penguins! Last but not least, I pre-ordered the Annelotte nendoroid from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. Queen’s Blade is one of my favorite anime shows (What? I like it for the plot…), so I figured that I should finally buy a nendoroid from it (there are many, but maybe that’s a subject for another blog post).

Other than that, GSC has announced approximately 30 new nendoroids to be released from now until October! That is a ridiculous amount to choose from, especially since there are still older ones that I haven’t bought yet =s.

Some of these seem pretty popular on the forums but I’m not familiar with the shows such as Takatsuki from Waiting in the Summer, Super Sonico, Ika Musume, Kuoryukihime from Accel World, and Sakura from Sakura Wars. These nendoroids are very eye-catching, but I’m not particularly interested in any of them.

No upcoming nendoroid list would be complete without Vocaloids. GSC has announced a new Miku Racequeen for 2012, a very boring looking Miku Familymart version, and the adorable Gakupo. I probably wont pick up any of these, but that Gakupo sure is tempting and male nendoroids are so rare.

The upcoming nendoroids that really caught my eye are Inori from Guilty Crown (possibly one of the prettiest nendoroids I’ve ever seen), Black Rock Shooter tv version, the prototype of Fate/Zero Saber (this might be a must have), and the prototype of Marika from Mouretsu Pirates. I can’t wait to see those prototypes colored ( I’d be surprised if they saw a 2012 release date though).

The number one nendoroid that I must have, however, is the Annelotte 2P version from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. I was watching the show and thought “wow it would be awesome if GSC made a nendoroid of Annelotte in her demon form”. Lo and behold, the very next day she was announced (I felt rather psychic). Tragically, she is limited and exclusive, and only available through lottery… this means buying her is going to be nearly impossible. Time to stalk used Japanese toy stores such as Mandarake.

So anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of awesome nendoroids coming out soon? Anyone else having trouble picking and choosing? Which ones are you most looking forward to?


New Play Arts Kai

Well this title might be a little misleading, I haven’t bought a new Play Arts Kai figure in a while! I missed out on the last set that I wanted because of Square Enix’s shoddy quality control. Both the Dissidia Cloud and Squall had dreadful side effects such as botched paint, scratches in the weapons, and (in Cloud’s case) a detached head. To my dismay, I never did find those figure again in better condition.

The true topic of today’s post is about the new Play Arts Kai coming out this year! For all of you video game fans out there, this will be a good year. For me, not so much. The only video games I play with any frequency are Guild Wars and Fallout. Sadly there are no figures for those. So, I find myself more than a little disappointed that Square Enix is no longer producing anime themed Play Arts Kai. I had so much hope when they released the FMA: Brotherhood Play Arts Kai and the Bleach Play Arts Kai. I have been eagerly awaiting more Bleach Play arts or other anime play arts ever since. But those announcements haven’t come, and probably wont since the trend seems to be video games. In the past two years, they have released Bayonetta, Halo, and metal gear solid play arts with frequency!

Just recently they released Street Fighter Play Arts which I have already seen in stores! I find these figure hideous, but they do look like good representations of the street fighter characters.

Square Enix is also releasing Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil! These are both characters that I like in game franchises that I enjoy, and yet I have no desire to purchase these figures.

And what would the Play Arts line be without some Final Fantasy figures! So, of course, they are releasing Lightning and Serah from FF13-2. Since I never even finished FF13, there are no chances that I will play the sequel. But these look like nice figures with a really cool design.

The most exciting figures that have been announced are the Batman: Arkham asylum set. These look incredibly detailed and amazing. I would definitely snatch them up if I were a fan of Batman (but you guessed it, I’m not!). Despite my indifference towards Batman, that Joker and Harlequin are definitely tempting =s. Must stick to my new years resolution of only buying figures I really like…

There are also some Mass Effect 3 figures on the horizon, for those of you that are interested. So far, only prototype pictures have been released. Of course, with the public response to Mass Effect 3’s ending, producing these may have been a misstep for the company.


So basically, this was a long post of me complaining about the new products. What would I like to see? More Bleach Play Arts Kai! A re-release of the FMA play arts kai.  I would love to see Black Butler Play Arts Kai, but I know that will never happen since the show is no longer in the limelight. Any anime themed play arts Kai (and it is truly sad that I no longer know which anime shows are popular and would possibly be considered for figures…)

What do you all think? Are you going to purchase any of these? I imagine any fans of video games will be thrilled with the selection!

Upcoming Nendoroids

Originally, I was going to write a review of my Madoka nendoroid and found I did not have the energy. Then I was going to list my ten favorite Christmas movies (I’m in the holiday spirit) but figured that is unrelated to my blog. So instead I decided to post about upcoming nendoroids that I find interesting. I haven’t posted any upcoming figures in a while.

First I’ll mention Taneshima Popura from Working: She is cute but I probably will not buy her because there are other nendoroids that I want more. However, there are two cafe themed Play Sets that are also from Working that seem like they would be a lot of fun. Both the nendoroid and the play sets are set to release in 04/2012.

Nendoroid Sakura Kyoko from Madoka: I had originally intended to collect all the Madoka nendoroids but have decided to only buy the Mami to accompany my madoka. However Sakura will be released 05/2012 for those that do want her.

Nendoroid Miki Sayaka from Madoka: Ok she is adorable, but there are still other nendoroids that I would rather have, must prioritize! Her release date is 04/2012.

Nendoroid Saber and Tohsaka Cheerful version: When I first saw these I was enamored. They have beautiful faces and heads…but those cheerleader costumes look rather awful. I probably will not be ordering these and hope that they make a normal nendo version of Tohsaka. These two nendoroids come in a bundle and release in 05/2012. Some proceeds from the Cheerful version nendoroids go to the relief effort in Japan.

Nendoroid Yune from Crossroads to a Foreign Labyrinth: I had actually pre-ordered this a few months ago, then I thought the nendoroid looked a little strange. So I cancelled my order…now she looks adorable again and I wish I had not cancelled. Here’s to hoping she will be available from an American distributor after release (in 01/2012)!

Nendoroid Haqua: Adorable Elsie’s companion. If I manage to get a hold of an Elsie, then I think I will want this one as well! She releases in 01/2012.

Nendoroid Touwa Erio: This is the prettiest nendoroid I have ever seen. There is something unique about her that I just cannot place my finger on. I did not pre-order her because orders from Japan are getting too expensive, hopefully she will be available at American shops post release.

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2012: Why Good Smile Company? Why?! Too many nice nendoroids and no end in sight! This is unbearably cute, and I don’t even like Miku or Vocaloid! I must order this as soon as its available. It is limited and exclusive, so here is to buying one as soon as orders are available! release is in 02/2012.

There are many more nendoroids coming out soon, but these were the few that caught my eye. I haven’t even managed to buy the old ones that I wanted…and really shouldn’t be looking at upcoming ones. For a full list of nendoroids that are coming up and more pictures go to: Good Smile Company.

I still want to blog about my favorite Christmas movies…maybe tomorrow…


Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post, and I can’t apologize enough. School ended at the beginning of May and I have thoroughly enjoyed being extremely lazy these past couple of weeks. All I’ve done is play Guild Wars and Kings Quest VII. I haven’t acquired any new toys for May! Though the Kuroneko nendoroid I ordered should arrive at the store any day now.

I had also considered cancelling Kinoshita Hideyoshi nendoroid order! I  no longer have a job, and there are too many toys I would like to buy.  I don’t watch Baka to Test (the show from which this toy originates), so I know nothing about the character. However, I can always sell it if I don’t like it and I would regret cancelling the order. The release date is 5-27-11!

I had made a resolution to stop buying nendoroids, since I have so many! However, less than a day after I made my resolution, GSC announced the Ikaros nendoroid. I have no idea who this character is, but fell in love with the nendo design as soon as I saw it. This is my most wished figure! No release date or preorder information has been released as of yet. But, be assured I will preorder this as soon as it is available! So much for quitting the nendoroid series, now if only Play Arts would release more toys (come on Square Enix, where is Play Arts Sebastian =P?)

Summer of Doom- for my wallet.

This upcoming summer will be the summer of doom for my wallet!

Last year at A-kon 21 I spent nearly $230 on loot.

So this year, I figured since I’m not going to A-kon 22, I’d save some money. Who knew that this would be the spring and summer for awesome figures, not to mention huge amounts of new nendos (12  nendoroid releases in April and 11 in June, has GSC lost its mind?). The only problem now is instead of seeing the figures in person, like I would have at A-kon, I’ll have to take a chance and order them and hope they look as good as the pics. No saving money for me =s

Upcoming figures that I’ve pre-ordered:

Black Gold Saw: 4/2011, ~$50

Kuroneko: 4/2011, ~$60

Kinoshita Hideyoshi: 4/2011, ~$60

Yikes, April is going to make me bankrupt me =(

Other upcoming figures I want:

Strength: 6/2011, ~$50

(Alpha x Omega) Tia Harribel: sometime in 2011, no estimated price yet. I want this to match my Alpha x Omega Nel, however in the promotional pics she looks much larger than Nel =S

Play Arts Kai Cloud: 06/2011, $60. I must have this toy, I love Cloud!

Play Arts Kai Squall: 06/2011, $60. This one looks damn good too =(

Well Kenshin Himura is one of my favorite characters! Why do they have to release 2 versions? (I can’t decide between them). The first is the Battosai version and will be released 06/2011 and will cost approx $90. The second is the Rurouni version and will also be released 06/2011 and cost $90. Oh my, I need him, but which one to get, also each version comes with the face and hairstyle of the other (to switch out). So the real decision is whether I want him with a red shirt or a blue shirt…

Figures that I’m not going to get because I’ll be bankrupt:

Sadly, I’m choosing to forgo nendoroid Haru-chan who will be released 4/2011, and nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford who will be released in 7/2011.

So far, that means ill be spending approximately $170 in April and approximately $260 in June. I’ve already ordered for April, so no going back. That means I have decisions to make for June (cries). Not too mention, I recently started watching Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood on Netflix, absolutely love it, and now want to buy these older figures:

Play Arts Kai Edward Elric, Roy Mustand, and Alphonse Elric which were released back in 10/2009.

So, anyone feel like helping me make some decisions? Lol =D

Nendoroid Wishlist

Mikatan’s blog has new pictures of Black Gold Saw nendoroid;

This nendoroid is now available for pre-order, AmiAmi has it for only 2600 yen, I’m definitely going for it!

Good Smile Company needs to stop making cute nendoroids, my wishlist of must have nendoroids is growing, and there is no end in sight (which bodes ill for my wallet):

Black Gold Saw, # date 04/2011

Ayasaki Hayate, #131, date 12/2010

Saber Lion, #50, date 12/2008

Itoshiki Nozomu, #58, date 3/2009

Yoko Littner, #53, date 2/2009

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!