Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This year, I’ve been a naughty blogger. I blogged infrequently despite getting new toys, and really dropped the ball as far as keeping up with reviews goes. I probably deserve a lump of coal, or the anime toy equivalent; a bootleg!

Maybe I will wake up to find Sader in my stocking…



But I really do promise to do better this next year, so here is my Christmas wishlist:

Sebastian private tutor TaeYang doll


The Amazing Spider Man Nendoroid


Play Arts Kai Cloud (seriously Santa, I’ve been wanting this since it came out July of 2011!)


Queen’s Blade Annelotte Dark Knight version nendoroid (like that will ever happen lol)


Of course, there are a ton of great figures coming out in 2013, which makes me so glad the apocalypse didn’t happen 😉 I can imagine that next years letter to Santa will be a lot longer. As far as the goodies coming out, I will be discussing them in a new post soon!

I don’t think that Santa will bring me any toys this year since I’ve been naughty, but at least my Saber Lion nendoroid just came in the mail.

So what are you all wishing for Christmas this year?



Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s time for my yearly Christmas toy wishlist! I must say this year there is a lot more that I want than last year. I have been a bad girl,  I did not accomplish nearly half of what I wanted to in this past year. So maybe I don’t deserve much on my list :p. But here it goes:

Anime toys:

revoltech Wall-E

Nendoroid Elsie

Nendoroid Mami

Play arts Kai Cloud

Play arts red XIII and cait sith

Monster High Dolls:

Lagoona Hydration station

Sweet 1600 Draculaura

Sweet 1600 Frankie Stein




So, what toys are on your wishlist?

Summer of Doom- for my wallet.

This upcoming summer will be the summer of doom for my wallet!

Last year at A-kon 21 I spent nearly $230 on loot.

So this year, I figured since I’m not going to A-kon 22, I’d save some money. Who knew that this would be the spring and summer for awesome figures, not to mention huge amounts of new nendos (12  nendoroid releases in April and 11 in June, has GSC lost its mind?). The only problem now is instead of seeing the figures in person, like I would have at A-kon, I’ll have to take a chance and order them and hope they look as good as the pics. No saving money for me =s

Upcoming figures that I’ve pre-ordered:

Black Gold Saw: 4/2011, ~$50

Kuroneko: 4/2011, ~$60

Kinoshita Hideyoshi: 4/2011, ~$60

Yikes, April is going to make me bankrupt me =(

Other upcoming figures I want:

Strength: 6/2011, ~$50

(Alpha x Omega) Tia Harribel: sometime in 2011, no estimated price yet. I want this to match my Alpha x Omega Nel, however in the promotional pics she looks much larger than Nel =S

Play Arts Kai Cloud: 06/2011, $60. I must have this toy, I love Cloud!

Play Arts Kai Squall: 06/2011, $60. This one looks damn good too =(

Well Kenshin Himura is one of my favorite characters! Why do they have to release 2 versions? (I can’t decide between them). The first is the Battosai version and will be released 06/2011 and will cost approx $90. The second is the Rurouni version and will also be released 06/2011 and cost $90. Oh my, I need him, but which one to get, also each version comes with the face and hairstyle of the other (to switch out). So the real decision is whether I want him with a red shirt or a blue shirt…

Figures that I’m not going to get because I’ll be bankrupt:

Sadly, I’m choosing to forgo nendoroid Haru-chan who will be released 4/2011, and nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford who will be released in 7/2011.

So far, that means ill be spending approximately $170 in April and approximately $260 in June. I’ve already ordered for April, so no going back. That means I have decisions to make for June (cries). Not too mention, I recently started watching Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood on Netflix, absolutely love it, and now want to buy these older figures:

Play Arts Kai Edward Elric, Roy Mustand, and Alphonse Elric which were released back in 10/2009.

So, anyone feel like helping me make some decisions? Lol =D

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve behaved extraordinarily well this year, gotten top grades in my classes, and didn’t party much, so in return would like a few toys for Christmas:

Kurosaki Ichigo Play Arts Kai

Hitsugaya Toushirou Play Arts Kai

Red XIII Play Arts

Rinoa Heartilly Play Arts

Watarase Jun by Kotobukiya

Ayasaki Hayate nendoroid

Oh, and some snow would be nice too because 70 F is ridiculous for winter.

Sincerely, Phuntom

PS. what toys does everyone else want for Christmas this year?

Nendoroid Wishlist

Mikatan’s blog has new pictures of Black Gold Saw nendoroid;

This nendoroid is now available for pre-order, AmiAmi has it for only 2600 yen, I’m definitely going for it!

Good Smile Company needs to stop making cute nendoroids, my wishlist of must have nendoroids is growing, and there is no end in sight (which bodes ill for my wallet):

Black Gold Saw, # date 04/2011

Ayasaki Hayate, #131, date 12/2010

Saber Lion, #50, date 12/2008

Itoshiki Nozomu, #58, date 3/2009

Yoko Littner, #53, date 2/2009

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!