Toshiro Hitsugaya Play Arts Kai Review

Toshiro Hitsugaya is a character in the anime Bleach. He is the young captain of the 10th squad of the soul society (the place where souls go when they die). He is the youngest captain in the soul society and has an icy demeanor to match the ability of his sword. He is often cold towards people and has a short temper. He has little tolerance for fooling around or being treated like a child. He gets very annoyed when he is called by anything except Captain Hitsugaya, esp. when he is called Shiro-chan.

I got this toy for Christmas, but it can be found at Hastings. It is the Hitsugaya Toushirou Bleach Play Arts Kai produced by Square Enix. This toy was released on 11/2010, and is considered a US release exclusive.

Packaging: The box looks like other Play Arts Kai boxes, but is slightly smaller (the toys itself is smaller). The interior of the box is green to match Shiro-chan’s eyes and the box is closed with circle tape.

Accessories: He comes with extra hands, a sword and sheath, and a green plastic ribbon to hold the sheath onto his back. This toy does not come with a stand. There are some annoyances with the accessories! Try as I will, the sword sheath does not fit into the green ribbon! Its too tight! I’ve tried forcing it in but to no avail. The other annoyance is that Toshiro’s ankles are weak and he constantly falls over without a stand. He has to be balanced just right to stay up. There are already some paint mistakes where he has fallen!

Sculpt: This is the best looking Toshiro that I’ve seen. They captured his surly mood perfectly in his facial expression. He is also in correct scale with Ichigo (compared to the anime). He only reaches Ichigo’s shoulder, which is perfect since he is supposed to be a kid. The coat is split into two parts to allow for more pose-ability but I feel they could have made the split a little more seamless. It is very obvious in the back. Strangely, one of his ankles seems to be facing the wrong direction? The elbow joints and leg joints are very well hidden in his outfit!

Paint: The paint on the face is outstanding and his eyes look amazing! The paint on his captains cloak is also done very well, there are no bleeds in the color and the inside is a nice emerald green. If I were going to nitpick, I would say his hair could have been more white and less gray, but he still looks awesome either way.

Pose-ability: This toy is very pose-able. The range of movement on the limbs is excellent. His arms have enough movement to allow him to be posed as if he were pulling the sword out of his sheath on his back…if i could get the sheath into the sheath belt! grrrr…As mentioned above, his ankles are a little weak and his one foot is never positioned quite right for him to stand sturdily.

Overall, I would recommend this toy to any Bleach fan or Toshiro fan. He looks absolutely fantastic, just be sure to have the patience to balance him wherever he stands or just buy some sort of doll stand  lol


Ichigo Kurosaki Play Arts Kai Review

Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenage boy and the main character of Bleach. He is an unusual boy in that he has bright orange hair and can see ghosts. One day he meets a soul reaper named Rukia and gains the powers of a soul reaper himself to save his family. Rukia is then convicted as a criminal and Ichigo trains as a soul reaper to try and save her. To do this he must achieve Bankai (which is basically a rise in power level which involves a release of his sword and a new outfit =P). 300 episodes or countless chapters later, more stuff happens….let’s just leave it at that.

I got this figure for Christmas! It can be found at Hastings for about $50. This is the Play Arts Kai – Bankai version of Ichigo. This was released on 11/2010 and is considered a US exclusive release.

Box: This toy comes in the typical Play Arts Kai box. It’s large, white, square, has a front viewing window, and is closed with circle tape!

Accessories: Ichigo comes with extra hands, his tensa-zangetsu (sword in bankai form), and an extra head depicting his hollow (a type of soul in the Bleach universe) mask. He does not come with a stand, but can stand fine on his own without one.The extra head was rather bothersome! Ichigo’s neck has a peg in it to which the heads can be attached as seen in the instructions! The extra head, however, already had a peg in it! It was an easy fix, I just took pliers and pulled the peg out of the head.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is amazing. This is by far the best looking Ichigo I’ve seen. He looks just like he does in the later episodes of the anime. He is in scale with the FF13 Play Arts Kai line. There are a lot of nice details on the sculpt like the bandages on his stomach, and the sandals he is wearing. The only funky part of the sculpt is the back of the coat, its split into two pieces (a top and a bottom). This looks a  little odd and I don’t think keeping the coat in one piece would have sacrificed much pose-ability. Oh yeah, and the knee joints have been greatly improved on this new line!

Paint: The paint on this is pretty excellent but has the small flaws that can usually be found on Play Arts. Hes got some sort of a dark mark on his cheek, not too noticeable thankfully. The shading in his face and on his outfit is really good! My favorite part of this is the hollow mask through which you can see his yellow hollow eyes.

Pose-ability: This toy is very pose-able, as is expected of the Play Arts Kai line. Despite wearing those wide pants, his legs have freedom of movement. His ankles and feet can be adjusted so he can balance in different poses. His arms are also fairly pose-able but cannot extend over his head.

Overall, this toy is definitely recommended. He’s not my all-time favorite character, but this toy is awesome, looks good on the shelf, and is rather fun!

Merry Christmas-Christmas Loot 2010

Merry Christmas one and all!
Hope everyone had a happy Christmas, and a good visit from Santa. My Christmas loot was a stuffed toy penguin, Play Arts Jack Skellington, Play Arts Kai Toushiro Hitsugaya, and Play Arts Kai Ichigo Kurosaki!

And some more pictures in the Christmas spirit, including nendoroid petite Miku and L:

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Review

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck is the former Tres (#3) Espada in the anime Bleach. She has two forms; a small childlike from called Nel Tu and her original adult female form Neliel. Neliel, even as an Espada, is a pacifist and only like to fight in defense of those she loves.

I got this toy at Akon 21 for $80. This is the Neliel tu Odelschwanck Bleach figure by Alpha X Omega, and the sculptor is Mirano. This toy was released in 02/2010.

Packaging: The box is nice and large, and has a very large front viewing window! There are pictures of the toy on the back of the box

Base: The base is a large turquoise oval. It says Bleach on it and has a pattern in it. She attaches to the base by foot pegs. I do not like this base because the color doesn’t match her. Her hair is blue and her outfit is green, the base clashes with both.

Sculpt: This toy is 1/8 scale and is rather large. She comes with her sword, which is removable from the hand. The sculpt looks excellent, her hair looks dynamic is if it were flowing in the wind, and her outfit (for what little there is of it) has rather detailed rips. She looks like her anime counterpart, and is very in proportion to what is seen in the anime. Her outfit is a bit skimpier than in the show, which only adds to the appeal of the figure.

Paint: There isn’t much to be painted on this figure. They got the colors on her hair and outfit to match the show perfectly, and her mask is painted nicely also. There are no bleeds and is no dirt on the paint. The shading on her body is also really good, and she even has painted finger and toe nails. Her face also looks excellent, the expression is perfect for her. The large three painted on her back is also painted perfectly.

Pose: Her pose seems relaxed but dangerous, like shes about to attack if you make the wrong move. This is a good pose for her and matches her personality well. The one thing i dislike about the pose is that her back is very arched, shes practically leaning back.

Overall, I would recommend this figure to anyone who collect Bleach toys or curvy female toys. I bought her for my Bleach collection =P

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve behaved extraordinarily well this year, gotten top grades in my classes, and didn’t party much, so in return would like a few toys for Christmas:

Kurosaki Ichigo Play Arts Kai

Hitsugaya Toushirou Play Arts Kai

Red XIII Play Arts

Rinoa Heartilly Play Arts

Watarase Jun by Kotobukiya

Ayasaki Hayate nendoroid

Oh, and some snow would be nice too because 70 F is ridiculous for winter.

Sincerely, Phuntom

PS. what toys does everyone else want for Christmas this year?