Nendoroid Collection and Photoshoot 2

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Ciel Komadori Static Arts Review

Ciel Phantomhive is the 12 year old head of the Phuntom toy company and the Queen’s watchdog in the anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). At one point he dresses in drag to try and catch a “Jack the Ripper” suspect who has a thing for young girls.

I got this toy at a local anime shop for $130 back in October. This toy is produced by Square Enix and is the Static Arts Ciel Komadori. This toy was originally released in 10/2010.

When I first bought this toy, there was a factory defect on it! The pink skirt was not attached to the white one. The nice store owner opened the box for me, and was able to get the two skirt parts to attach with some care and muscle. I did not get any pics of this though! The skirt was really difficult to reattach, and I thought it was going to break in the process! Square Enix, you and your quality control!

Packaging: The box for this toy is really pretty! It looks like a cake box! Its got viewing windows on three sides and the top, and has a Kuroshitsuji pattern on it.

Base: The base is clear! This is because the figure it detailed on well, all sides. The base had a peg in it that attaches to the bottom of the skirt! However, in a lot of the toys the peg is too large to fit into the whole, and he floats on his base! This problem is easily fixed by using a razor or exacto knife to shave off some of the plastic till its the right size.

Sculpt: This toy has the most beautiful sculpt! His hair is long and flowing, the dress looks exactly as it does in the anime, and the lace on the skirt looks real! he also comes with an extra loose shoe, the laces on this are very fragile! Not only is the top of the toy very detailed, but the bottom is too! He is wearing bloomers and the bottom of the dress has realistic folds in it.

Paint: The paint is not perfect! His hair and eye have some really good toning and shading, however the lines on the dress are not clean and straight. The lace is a clear plastic with a light white paint over it. The pink part of the dress is a little dull, but still looks lovely.

Pose: The pose is absolutely lovely. He looks vulnerable and is lying down attempting to put on his shoes for his ballgown.

Overall, this toy is beautiful! I would recommend this toy any Black Butler fan! My only real annoyance with it, is that it is rather small for the price =(

Ciel Phantomhive Nendoroid Review

Ciel Phantomhive is the 12 year old main character of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). He is a child and the head of the Phuntom toy company. He also has a contract with a demon. Sebastian, the demon butler, will help Ciel gain revenge in exchange for his soul. Ciel is one of my favorite anime characters; he is focused on what he wants, even at the expense of everyone around him, and will do anything to achieve his goal. He may look like an innocent child but shows a determination beyond his years.

I pre-ordered this toy when it was first released at Ami Ami for about $35. This is nendoroid #117, and is produced by Good Smile Company, sculptor Abe Takumi. This toy was originally released in 09/2010.

Well this nendoroid comes in standard nendoroid packaging. The box is shaped like the rest of the nendoroid boxes and matches nendoroid Sebastian’s box.

Accessories: Ciel comes with quite a few accessories. He comes with an armchair, a sitting body, a tea set and arms for Sebastian, a base for his standing body, a red rectangle (what is this?), and sadly only one extra faceplate.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is really good. He looks just like the chibi version of ciel seen in the credits of the anime.  One of the most impressive features of his sculpt is the bow tying his eyepatch together on the back of his head. His suit is also done very well. They paid alot of attention to detail on this nendoroid! He even has his family ring on his right hand and the other golden ring he wears on his left.

Paint: Ciel is painted very nicely, and there are almost no mistakes. His eye looks perfect, but the eye-patch has some shiny scratched looking areas on it. His hair is a shiny dark gray plastic, and his suit is a matte blue. Even the small details such as the buttons on the coat and the rings on his fingers have no paint bleeds. No complaints about the painting here!

Pose-ability: Ciel can either be posed sitting down or standing up. His face can be relaxed or angry, and this leads to only  a few posing options. His sitting body is very character appropriate featuring crossed legs. The only problem with the sitting body is that the crossed legs prevent him from sitting on ledges other than his chair; he tends to fall over!

Base: This nendoroid’s standing base is one of my least favorites! It has two places for the legs to go in, and a small prop that is supposed to go up each pant leg. He is incredibly difficult to put on the stand! Its not worth the effort so I always display him in his armchair. The one time that I did display him standing up, he toppled over.

Overall, this nendoroid is way cuter than I was expecting from the promotional pictures and a must have for Black Butler fans! But, I can think of a few accessories that would make this toy way better. He needs his cane, and his top-hat! If they ever make another Black Butler nendoroid (please Grell!) they need to include an extra faceplate with his eye-patch off displaying his contract eye! (then they would also have to include a new head of hair since the other one has eyepatch ties on it) We can only hope!