Dead Master nendoroid Review

Dead Master is the main antagonist of the Black Rock Shooter OVA. She is the other self of Yomi who is the main characters best friend. The storyline is confusing at best so I wont even try to explain it. Just know that dead master is sinister and flashy! She licks her fingers for show and has a rather evil smile.

I bought this nendoroid at a local anime shop for $50. She is produced by Good Smile Company, was sculpted by JUN (E.V.), and was originally released 12/22/2010.

Packaging: She comes in a typical nendoroid box. Unlike BRS, dead master’s box doesn’t have the split top flap.

Accessories: In the black rock shooter line of nendoroids, she certainly doesn’t disappoint and comes with as many accessories as BRS. She comes with 3 extra face plates! extra hands, arms, and legs. She also comes with a beaten up hair set that goes along with the beaten up face. On top of that she comes with her two skull minions which have a special stand attachment and her scythe! Oh yeah, and she comes with a stand very similar to that of BRS.

Stand: The base to this figure is excellent continuing the theme of the BRS series. The base has a movable clear plastic arm to attach to her back, and clear stands to connect to the back of the base which allow her skull minions to “float” behind her.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is far more impressive in person than it is in the official pictures. Her hair looks fantastic, and her horns are rather huge but seem in good proportion with the head. There is a lot of detail in the scythe! Another neat feature is that her demon horns and wings are removable!

Paint: Her faces look great and there are hardly any bleed or paint mistakes. Her outfit has a nice matte black finish too it, and there are subtle green undertones in her hair. Her horns and wings are a shiny black, but not clear like those of the figma appear to be. There is some bleed at the white bows on her back, and there is a scratch in her hair in the side.

Pose-ability: There are a variety of adorable poses that she can be placed in including a beaten up pose. Unlike with BRS where the beaten up pose is my favorite, I enjoy dead masters sinister looks far better. My only gripe is that she is a pain in the butt to get into her poses, the stand is difficult to attach and her wings like to fall out. The scythe is also difficult to maneuver into her arms since her hair seems to get in the way. Once I attached the skulls to their base attachment (which can luckily be removed from the stand as a unit), there was no way I was removing them again! The bumps on her extra hair are also remove-able much like her wings and horns.

Overall, This is one of the best looking nendoroids I have and definitely steals the spotlight on my nendoroid shelf! she is however not my favorite nendoroid to play with because I am too lazy to pose her since it takes a little effort. However, she is an excellent addition to the brs nendoroid line and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming Black Gold Saw and Strength bring to the table!


Nendoroid Collection and Photoshoot 2

Warning this post is very picture heavy!

All of my lovelies:

Just the girls:

Just the boys:

Death Note Petites:

Fate Stay/Night Petites:

Vocaloid Petites:

Fun/random: Starring Nendoroids Arawn, Saber Lily, Dead Master, BRS, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, and Takara Miyuki.

Got Dead Master Nendoroid and Play Arts Reno!

Probably should have posted this yesterday, but, I finally got the dead master nendoroid from Black Rock Shooter that I have been waiting for!

I bought her at a local anime shop (yesterday) for only $55, and then as a surprise got the Play Arts Reno as an added bonus! He was free!

Yes, that’s right, free! I noticed in the shop that the head had come loose and was no longer connected to the neck. The store owner opened the box and tried to get the head back on. While the head did pop back in, it falls back off at the slightest touch. So, I ended up with a free toy, slightly defective, but hey….it was free! Best day ever!

I did not even break my new years resolution of buying only one toy a month because Reno was free! ok, enough of that.

Look forward to reviews and pictures of these two toys in the future! (I actually have a backlog of toys to review, and wish I had a better way of organizing my review page, yikes =S).