Nendoroid Saber Complete File Acquired!

Finally, it arrived! The gigantic orange box that I have been waiting for (cue heavenly music). My first limited edition nendoroid; Saber plain clothes with Complete file!

Yes the nendoroid comes with a Complete file. When I ordered her, I neither knew nor cared what that was. Now that I have it, I know that it is a book that features all of the currently released nendoroids in it! I’m almost more excited about the book than I am about the nendoroid. This nendoroid is pretty awesome but not the cutest nor the best looking nendoroid on my shelf. But she is Saber (and I love Saber).

The book is organized into sections of nendoroid type instead of listing the nendoroids in chronological release order. The first section is vocaloids, then anime characters, game characters, and so on and so forth. The book also contains interviews with industry insiders :D. Sadly, I don’t read Japanese (*cries*). I may not be able to read anything in the book but it is really pretty to look at, and generally awesome.

And here she is, the gal of the hour, Saber nendoroid plain clothes version;

More photos and a review to come soon (yes the dreaded soon, once I finish my other nendoroid reviews)


Saber Lily Nendoroid Review

Saber is a character from the fate/stay night visual novels. Saber lily is a variation in which she wears a white dress instead of her usual blue with armor. She is one of the hero’s that the main character can summon to fight in the Holy Grail wars.

I got this nendoroid at Akon 21 for $50. This is nendoroid #77, made by GSC, and sculpted by nendoron. It’s original release date was 10/2009.

Packaging: 10/10

All nendoroid packaging is basically the same, with only the coloring that varies. This nendoroid has nice light colored packaging that fits with her white dress, and the best part is the viewing window in the front of the box so that people can see what they are buying.

Accessories: 9/10

This nendoroid comes with quite a few accessories! she has two swords with sheaths, and the swords can come out of the sheaths, several different arms, a bent leg, and two extra faceplates!

Sculpt: 10/10

I adore the sculpt on this nendoroid. Her dress stays true to the original artwork and has many small details on it. Her bangs and hair are also sculpted nicely, they look like they are slightly blowing in the wind. She even has her signature “alfalfa” bang. For being such a small toy, her armor is decently detailed and she is even wearing her armored boots. They even gave her panties with little bows on the sides!

Paint: 9/10

The paint is almost flawless! However, there are some bleeds in the paint, and some dirt on the skirt! The paint is where the bootleg of this figure can be told apart from the real one.  On the bootleg, the emblem on the front of the armor is blue instead of black (like on the original). There are also some differences in eye-shading on the bootleg. I,however, do not have a bootleg saber to do comparison pics.

Base: 8/10

This is better than some of the old nendoroid bases but still not very stable. It is a clear underskirt base, and fits tightly under the skirt. The figure, however, can still fall off of the base easily enough.

Poseability: 8/10

This nendoroid has quite a few possible poses it can do, but is not a super moveable nendoroid. There are several different sword holding positions, but only a few other poses she can be put in. Her ponytail moves up and down slightly also.

Enjoyment: 8/10

This is a very cute nendoroid, but could be more poseable, and just isn’t quite as fun to play with as some of the others like Black Rock Shooter.