Play Arts Reno Review

Reno is one of the Turks (a group of Shinra covert operatives) from Final Fantasy VII and FF7 Advent Children. During FF7 he is an enemy to Cloud and the main group, however in Advent Children, he aids Cloud in his fights. He is a cocky, cynical, somewhat lazy, and at times just goofy character.

I got this Play Arts figure for free! Yes for free, because his head was detached, luckily with some effort, the shop owner was able to pop it back in for me. It’s not super sturdy, but it stays if I don’t move it around much, and I don’t want to glue it.

and without further ado: this is the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts Reno. It was released in 10/2007 and was manufactured by Square Enix.

Packaging: Well I didn’t take any pics of the box, was too lazy to dig it out of the storage. Its just the typical Play Arts box. Flat black in color, with circle tape! Also, the font that says final fantasy : advent children (or something similar to that) is in small silver letters, and the viewing window is rectangular with nothing blocking it. If the font is big and the carboard that the font is on blocks part of the viewing window, then its probably a bootleg (for better visualization of a bootleg AC box look at my vincent review). I may still post box pics in the future.

Accessories: He comes with a typical Play Arts stand, a bunch of extra hands, most of which can hold his weapon, and his weapon (the baton). The baton has the same type of weapon grip style as the kingdom hearts toys. There is a hole in the handle of the weapon through which the peg on the hand is inserted. I prefer the hands that simply wrap around weapons.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is excellent! His hair is great and not too chunky! It is also made of a soft plastic so it was a little bit of give. His jacket is likewise made of a soft plastic. The only bothersome parts of the sculpt are that there is a gap where his arm connects to the jacket body… Also the gap where his head had to be force back on (I assume most wont have this particular problem). Some of the joints, like the one in his torso, look a bit awkward, but that is to be expected of Play Arts.

Paint: The paint on this toy is typical for Play Arts. High quality, great face, but a few flaws here and there. There are no paint smudges or bleeds on the figure at all, but there does seem to be some staining on his shirt. His shirt is stained slightly yellow, could it be from the jacket rubbing against it for so long?

Poseability: Ok this Play Arts is seems alot more flexible than my other final fantasy ones (not including the Play Arts Kai line). Don’t get me wrong, he CANT be place into any pose imagineable, but compared to say Sephiroth or Cloud, he has a wider range of movement.

Overall: This is a really nice figure for big fans of FF7 (which I am), fans of Reno, or people who can’t rest until they own all the figures in a set (sometimes I fall in this category also). However, for those who dont fit into the above three categories, I’d say pass.


Got Dead Master Nendoroid and Play Arts Reno!

Probably should have posted this yesterday, but, I finally got the dead master nendoroid from Black Rock Shooter that I have been waiting for!

I bought her at a local anime shop (yesterday) for only $55, and then as a surprise got the Play Arts Reno as an added bonus! He was free!

Yes, that’s right, free! I noticed in the shop that the head had come loose and was no longer connected to the neck. The store owner opened the box and tried to get the head back on. While the head did pop back in, it falls back off at the slightest touch. So, I ended up with a free toy, slightly defective, but hey….it was free! Best day ever!

I did not even break my new years resolution of buying only one toy a month because Reno was free! ok, enough of that.

Look forward to reviews and pictures of these two toys in the future! (I actually have a backlog of toys to review, and wish I had a better way of organizing my review page, yikes =S).


Ichigo Kurosaki Play Arts Kai Review

Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenage boy and the main character of Bleach. He is an unusual boy in that he has bright orange hair and can see ghosts. One day he meets a soul reaper named Rukia and gains the powers of a soul reaper himself to save his family. Rukia is then convicted as a criminal and Ichigo trains as a soul reaper to try and save her. To do this he must achieve Bankai (which is basically a rise in power level which involves a release of his sword and a new outfit =P). 300 episodes or countless chapters later, more stuff happens….let’s just leave it at that.

I got this figure for Christmas! It can be found at Hastings for about $50. This is the Play Arts Kai – Bankai version of Ichigo. This was released on 11/2010 and is considered a US exclusive release.

Box: This toy comes in the typical Play Arts Kai box. It’s large, white, square, has a front viewing window, and is closed with circle tape!

Accessories: Ichigo comes with extra hands, his tensa-zangetsu (sword in bankai form), and an extra head depicting his hollow (a type of soul in the Bleach universe) mask. He does not come with a stand, but can stand fine on his own without one.The extra head was rather bothersome! Ichigo’s neck has a peg in it to which the heads can be attached as seen in the instructions! The extra head, however, already had a peg in it! It was an easy fix, I just took pliers and pulled the peg out of the head.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is amazing. This is by far the best looking Ichigo I’ve seen. He looks just like he does in the later episodes of the anime. He is in scale with the FF13 Play Arts Kai line. There are a lot of nice details on the sculpt like the bandages on his stomach, and the sandals he is wearing. The only funky part of the sculpt is the back of the coat, its split into two pieces (a top and a bottom). This looks a  little odd and I don’t think keeping the coat in one piece would have sacrificed much pose-ability. Oh yeah, and the knee joints have been greatly improved on this new line!

Paint: The paint on this is pretty excellent but has the small flaws that can usually be found on Play Arts. Hes got some sort of a dark mark on his cheek, not too noticeable thankfully. The shading in his face and on his outfit is really good! My favorite part of this is the hollow mask through which you can see his yellow hollow eyes.

Pose-ability: This toy is very pose-able, as is expected of the Play Arts Kai line. Despite wearing those wide pants, his legs have freedom of movement. His ankles and feet can be adjusted so he can balance in different poses. His arms are also fairly pose-able but cannot extend over his head.

Overall, this toy is definitely recommended. He’s not my all-time favorite character, but this toy is awesome, looks good on the shelf, and is rather fun!

Ciel Komadori Static Arts Review

Ciel Phantomhive is the 12 year old head of the Phuntom toy company and the Queen’s watchdog in the anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). At one point he dresses in drag to try and catch a “Jack the Ripper” suspect who has a thing for young girls.

I got this toy at a local anime shop for $130 back in October. This toy is produced by Square Enix and is the Static Arts Ciel Komadori. This toy was originally released in 10/2010.

When I first bought this toy, there was a factory defect on it! The pink skirt was not attached to the white one. The nice store owner opened the box for me, and was able to get the two skirt parts to attach with some care and muscle. I did not get any pics of this though! The skirt was really difficult to reattach, and I thought it was going to break in the process! Square Enix, you and your quality control!

Packaging: The box for this toy is really pretty! It looks like a cake box! Its got viewing windows on three sides and the top, and has a Kuroshitsuji pattern on it.

Base: The base is clear! This is because the figure it detailed on well, all sides. The base had a peg in it that attaches to the bottom of the skirt! However, in a lot of the toys the peg is too large to fit into the whole, and he floats on his base! This problem is easily fixed by using a razor or exacto knife to shave off some of the plastic till its the right size.

Sculpt: This toy has the most beautiful sculpt! His hair is long and flowing, the dress looks exactly as it does in the anime, and the lace on the skirt looks real! he also comes with an extra loose shoe, the laces on this are very fragile! Not only is the top of the toy very detailed, but the bottom is too! He is wearing bloomers and the bottom of the dress has realistic folds in it.

Paint: The paint is not perfect! His hair and eye have some really good toning and shading, however the lines on the dress are not clean and straight. The lace is a clear plastic with a light white paint over it. The pink part of the dress is a little dull, but still looks lovely.

Pose: The pose is absolutely lovely. He looks vulnerable and is lying down attempting to put on his shoes for his ballgown.

Overall, this toy is beautiful! I would recommend this toy any Black Butler fan! My only real annoyance with it, is that it is rather small for the price =(

Oerba Dia Vanille Play Arts Kai Review

Oerba Dia Vanille is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII (13). She looks like a cheerful and upbeat character, but having never played the game myself, I don’t know much about her. She is 19 years old and the narrator of the game.

I bought this toy at Hastings for $40 back in March. This is the FFXIII Play Arts Kai Vanille which was released back in 12/2009. This was my first experience with the Play Arts Kai line!

Packaging: The packaging is much bigger than the old Play Arts Kai boxes and has a prettier design. It is also easier to store because it doesn’t have the flap at the top.

Base: Ah well, my biggest disappointment with this figure. The first volume of Play Arts Kai featured all new bases! The idea was a good one, it is a base that has a move-able arm (much like a figma base) so that the character can be placed in action poses. While the idea was fantastic, the actual product is not! The base is made out of flimsy plastic that can’t support the figures weight at all! So much for the action poses, the base also does not look great, and for Vanille specifically it doesn’t even fit well around her stomach. This base also did not last a week before it couldn’t even stand up on its own without a figure, the arm is completely loose. Subsequent Play Arts Kai lines do not include a base at all.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this is fantastic! These Play Arts Kai are far more detailed than the old Play Arts lines, even more detailed than the FFX line. These are also very very tall! They are not in scale with the old Play Arts toys. I like that they are tall but they can’t be displayed well with old Play Arts. This toy has a really detailed fur skirt and fur lining around the boots. The front of her outfit is covered in beads. There are a few issues with the sculpt. The knees look very strange (which allows for greater flexibility), and there are seam lines on the hair.

Paint: The paint is nearly perfect on this toy. There are no bleeds and the paint on some of the beads is only slightly off. She is a very colorful character, and her hair color matches the artwork perfectly.

Pose-ability: These toys are far more pose-able than the old Play Arts. Her knees bend all the way, her torso has a joint, her head and ponytails move, and her arms move a lot.

Accessories: She comes with her strange weapon unfolded, and folded up to be placed in a harness at the back of her skirt (this is difficult to close!), She also comes with some extra hands.

Overall, this is a stunning action figure. I’d say it’s a great addition to any final fantasy collection. Just be warned it won’t match up with the old line of play arts.

Play Arts Yuna Review

Yuna is the female protagonist of Final Fantasy X. She is a girl who wishes to be a High summoner like her father in order to save Spira from Sin’s destruction. As a summoner she can call upon aeons (large ferocious beasts, or well the typical FF summons) to fight for her. One day she meets the love of her life, Tidus, a young man claiming to be from a city that was destroyed several hundred years previously.

I got this toy from a good friend who didn’t want her, who got her from another friend who didn’t want it (almost sounds like one of those urban legends). Since I got this toy used, I do not have the packaging, but it’s a white box like all the others in this line and has circle tape. This toy is produced by Square Enix, is part of the Final Fantasy X line, and was released in 06/2006.

Accessories: She comes with two extra hands and a weapon (her staff), normal amount for a Play Arts

Sculpt: the sculpt on this toy follows the highly detailed quality of the other toys in the FFX line. Every part of her outfit is accurate to the artwork. There are a few bothersome points with the sculpt though. Her kimono sleeves are long and pretty when her arms are down, but if the arms are put into different poses, the sleeves look gravity defying and strange. Her joints are also some of the worst I’ve seen in the Play Arts line. When I got this toy, her arm had already come off at the elbow joint. It’s easy enough to stick back in (its just a simple peg) but if i try to pose her then her arm just falls right back off. The joints on her arms also look very noticeable and kind of ugly.

Paint: her paint job is gorgeous. They managed to put all the flowers on her kimono, and there are hardly any bleeds. The necklace is also perfectly painted. The best part of the paint has to be the face on this figure. They even gave her heterochromia (two different colored eyes). My figure has some scratches in the paint on the sleeves but I think that’s because she wasn’t as well taken care of in previous homes.

Pose-ability: The arms are quite pose-able but I do not like it because as stated above, posing the arms makes the sleeves look strange. Her head is also quite pose-able, but she seems less pose-able than some of the other Play Arts females.

Overall she is a very nice edition to the final fantasy 10 collection.

Play Arts Auron Review

Auron is a 35 year old warrior and playable character in Final Fantasy X. He is bad-ass and one of my favorite characters in that game…yup that’s about all there is to say about that.

I got this toy for my birthday last year along with Tidus =). This is produced by Square Enix, and was released 06/2006.

Packaging: yup its good. It’s white. It has circle tape…

Accessories: He comes with an extra naked arm, hanging coat part,  and his sword! That’s a few more accessories than usual!

Sculpt: Much like the other two toys in the Final Fantasy X line, the sculpt is incredibly detailed. Each outfit has so many little parts to it, and they nailed every one of them. His face-sculpt looks exactly like the pictures, but …he honestly looks much older than 35. His face sculpt is excellent in making him look like the tired old warrior that he is, but oh wait, 35 just isn’t that old.

Paint: The painting on this figure is pristine. There are almost no bleeds, and they did an excellent job with the character’s face and hair.

Pose-ability: Well, he’s supposed to be pretty pose-able. His normal pose consists of one arm lazily resting in his coat. However, the extra naked arm included can be inserted to mix it up. Hmm, well I could not for the life of me get his clothed arm off of him. It is pretty stuck in there! So I will include the official picture of what it should have looked like if I could have replaced the arms! I have also heard this his arms are extremely breakable, but seeing as I haven’t been able to do much to them, mine are fine.

Overall, this is a great looking toy and I would strongly recommend for any fan of Final Fantasy X. I would not recommend actually playing with this, he seems rather fragile.