Life Update!

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t had the time to write reviews or blog posts lately. However, it is now spring break, and despite the mountainous pile of homework, I will be posting some new reviews =)

As far as life goes, well I’m sure we all know about the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.¬† My prayers, thoughts, and hopes go out to them. I’m proud to say that my university’s Japan club raised $2000 and made a thousand origami paper cranes to send to Japan for the relief effort!

I haven’t bought any new toys lately, partially because of a lack of money but mostly a lack of time. The only anime store around is about a hour and half drive away. I do hope to buy some new toys during this spring break, and I have a huge list of must have releases for the summer which I may post about later.

Since I got a rejection letter from medical school, I will be spending my summer studying to re-take the mcat, so I’m sad to say that I will probably not be going to the anime convention A-kon this summer =( I went last summer and it was fantastic, especially the dealer’s room! Though watch out for bootlegs, I know I saw a few last year, despite the con’s anti-bootleg policy.

That’s all for now, hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s day, and is having or had good spring breaks (for those of you who still get them)

Also, pictures with flash look terrible =(


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